Best Nursing Shoes

When you get into the nursing field, it is absolutely vital that you keep yourself entirely comfortable at work. If you’re not comfortable, your entire day will be tremendously more difficult. You’re going to be on your feet at all times! Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the most comfortable nursing shoes. Of course, there are many different varieties of shoes and it can be really difficult to figure out which are the best nursing shoes for you. Within this guide, you will learn everything you need to know and we’ll help guide you towards the best nursing shoes for women or men.

How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes


When it comes down to it, the best nurses shoes for one individual might not be the best for another. There are a variety of different factors that need to be taken into account. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that the shoes fit perfectly! Make sure to purchase shoes that are a little too big. However, they shouldn’t slip up and down on your feet! If they do, you will be much more likely to develop blisters and sores.

The durability of the shoes is also very important! You’re going to be running up and down the hospital halls, so your shoes will need to be able to take a beating! They’ll need to work just as hard as you do! Lightweight and comfortable are two vital factors! Heavy shoes will be uncomfortable and will take a toll on your feet. Ensure that the shoes are light in weight and totally comfortable! Your feet will thank you for months and months!


Benefits Of The Best Nursing Shoes


It is not unusual for a nurse to work more than 12 hours a day, which is why they need a pair of nursing shoes that are capable of providing unlimited support and comfort.

  • Decreased risks of repetitive stress injuries and acquired foot disorders (bunions, callouses, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s neuroma)
  • Extra arch support and cushioning
  • Improved performance
  • Back and knee support
  • Perfect fit and alignment
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Maximum shock absorption


Nursing Shoes for Women

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer

If you speak to any nurse about the very best nursing shoes, it is highly probable that the mass majority of them will suggest Nurse Mates. This isn’t a coincidence. This company is responsible for developing some of the most reliable and comfortable nursing shoes for women. They’re available in a wide variety of different sizes and typically last for a significantly long period of time! They’re also slip resistant, so you won’t have to worry about taking a tumble, due to a womens nursing shoes

The most notable specifications of the Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer.

  • Slip resistant sole
  • Constructed out of high-quality leather material
  • Extremely affordable
  • Runs true-to-size
  • Easily cleaned
  • Slip-on design with no strings to worry about
  • Arch, ankle, and foot support

Love and precise craftsmanship goes into these shoes, hence the man made sole. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or physical therapist, Nurse Mates is a reliable choice. Even after a 12 hour shift, these shoes will keep your feet entirely comfortable. Overall, Nurse Mates receives a tremendous amount of praise! They’re well worth the money and you can certainly purchase them with confidence.


Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more and desire more customization, you will want to consider the Dansko! These are some of the coolest nursing shoes for women. They’re available in an assortment of different colors and styles. If you wear pink nursing scrubs, the pink clogs will fit your style excellently. These specific shoes might be a little more expensive, but they’re very cool, comfortable and reliable for any professional woman, especially nursing shoes

Below you will discover the most notable specifications of the Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog.

  • Constructed out of heavy duty leather
  • Padded instep collar for added comfort
  • 1.5″ Heel measurement
  • 1″ Platform measurement
  • Provides all-day comfort and arch, back, foot support
  • Insole is constructed out of breathable PU foam to prevent overheating
  • Outsole has a rocker-shape that will reduce fatigue, while offering extreme shock absorption
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth

If you’re worried about slipping and sliding, due to spills, the Dansko has you covered, with its slip-resistant outsole. The shoes are fitted with exceptional arch support, which will keep you comfortable throughout the day. When you’re rushing around, the padded instep collar provides extreme comfort. The shoes are also fitted with a breathable PU foam footbed. This addition ensures that your feet remain cool and sweat free.

As long as you buy a size bigger than your regular shoe size, the Dansko will fit well and keep you comfortable throughout the grueling day at the hospital.



Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Touch Breeze


Safety is one of the biggest concerns that nurses much take into consideration, when purchasing a pair of nursing shoes. It is vital that you purchase a shoe that is equipped with a non-slip or slip-resistant outsole, which is why the Merrell Jungle Moccasin should be on your list of prospects. This shoe has a very unique design, which will fit your feet perfectly and the heel height is around 1-1.5”, which is great for flat shoes for nurses

Below you will discover the most notable specifications of the Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Touch Breeze Slip-On Shoe.

  • Outsole is man made and designed to provide superb traction
  • Heel has an air-cushion design, which offers shock absorption and stability
  • Constructed out of mesh material and M Select FRESH, which will combat shoe/foot odor
  • Provides all-day comfort and support
  • Equipped with an air ventilation system that will prevent overheating
  • Available in charcoal, black, horizon blue, rose red, and dewberry

The insole is constructed of an odor and moisture absorbing material, so you will not have to worry about bacteria buildup. The exterior construction is mesh, so you will receive an extended service from the Merrell Jungle nursing shoe.

The insole can be removed, so you can easily replace them with your prescription orthotics. These run about ½” size larger than normal, so keep this in mind, when you are ordering them.



Cherokee Women’s AnyWears Clog Review

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or flat feet, you will definitely want to keep the Cherokee women’s nursing shoes on your list of prospects. This shoe is perfect for those that have prescription prosthetics, because the insole is removable. You can easily remove the insole and replace it with your prosthetic.

These shoes are available innumerable colors, so you will surely find something that suits your style and preferences. The open back, closed back, and strap clog is very lightweight, because it only weighs in at 7 ounces, which is very desirable for those that work long nursing shoes for women

Below you will discover the most notable specifications of the Cherokee Women’s AnyWears Exact Clog.

  • Traction-Pod outsole is man made and flexible
  • Heel 1 1/4″ measurement
  • Platform 1/2″ measurement
  • Available in 18 different colors and designs
  • Ventilated insole to prevent overheating
  • Constructed out of extremely lightweight and waterproof DBL compound
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth

All nurses understand how important it is to wear shoes that are water resistant, because they are always coming into contain with body fluids. The Cherokee is constructed out of waterproof DBL compound, so you can easily wash them off with antiseptic soap and water.

The insole design will perfectly mold to your feet, so you receive full support and extreme comfort. The vents will allow the air to disperse throughout the shoe, so your feet will be cool and dry, even on the hottest of days. These shoes run a little larger in size, so keep this in mind, when ordering them.


Mens Nursing Shoes


Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Work Shoes


Working in the healthcare industry is going to require you to spend a lot of time on your feet. It will be imperative that you have a great comfortable, durable, and reliable pair of shoes that will get you through those tough days and demanding patients. That is exactly what the Merrell Men’s Jungle shoes can do for you.

Below you will find the most notable specifications for the Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Work's nursing shoes

  • Available in a stylish black, brown, or white
  • Made of the highest quality, water resistant leather material
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • No messy laces for you to trip over during your long work hours
  • Easy slip on/off design
  • 1″ heel measurement for arch support
  • Slip-resistant outsole will provide excellent traction for tile flooring
  • Medical professional or outdoor use
  • Removable insole, so you can replace it with any orthotics

Spending long periods of time on your feet can be very challenging, even for the male nurse. The best nursing shoes will definitely provide you with all-day comfort and support. If you suffer from any type of foot disorder, you can definitely benefit greatly from a shoe with shock absorption heel and superb arch support.



Keen Utility Men’s PTC Work Shoe

It is essential to remember that men can be nurses too! This is why many companies out there have decided to create mens nursing shoes for these professionals. Although there are many on the market for men, there is no better mens nursing shoe than the Keen Utility Men’s PTC Work Shoe. Are the shoes expensive? Yes, but they’re definitely worth it! They’re entirely easy to slip on and off, which will become convenient, when you wish to put your feet up.keen utility men's shoes

The most notable specifications of the Keen Utility Men’s Utility PTC work shoe.

  • Constructed out of soft stain resistant leather material
  • ASTM certified (non-slip testing standards)
  • Designed with a memory foam insole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Rocker shape outsole design
  • EVA midsole support

The shoes are built with comfort and safety in mind. The soles will ensure that you don’t slip, when walking through a spill. Whether you’re a nurse, restaurant manager, or a chef, these shoes will certainly serve you well and never let you down. Even if you wear them every single day, these shoes will last you for many years and will keep you pain free throughout the 12 hour workday!



CROCS Unisex Specialist Nursing Clog


Being a nurse is a demanding job that requires your upmost focus. You will find yourself in frequent serious situations, dealing with demanding doctors and patients. The last thing you need is an achy back, feet, or knees related to those ill-fitting shoes. Shoes can be critical to your focus, performance, and overall well-being. This is exactly what Crocs manufacturers had in mind, when they designed the Specialist Clog.crocs unisex nursing shoes

Below you will find the most notable specifications of the Crocs Unisex Specialist Nursing Clog.

  • Available in several different stylish colors including white, navy, black, chocolate, and khaki
  • Insole is designed with nubs that offer a massage-like sensation
  • Constructed out of croslite material, which will provide maximum comfort, by conforming to the feet and giving you a custom fit
  • Croslite material is also odor resistant
  • Easily cleaned/sterilized with a dampened cloth (bleach:water)
  • Arch support for all-day comfort
  • The loose fit gives your feet plenty of room to bend and expand naturally, after heating up
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Equipped with a back strap for added safety, which is compatible with Jibbitz charms
  • Top of the shoe is designed with thicker material to protect your feet from any mishaps

If you are searching for the best men’s nursing shoes, you should definitely consider the Crocs Unisex Specialist. These shoes are designed to offer superior arch support and comfort for those long shift.




At the end of the day, everyone will have a different opinion when it comes to the best nursing shoes. Still, those mentioned above are undoubtedly near the top of the list! They are each reliable, comfortable and affordable. Be sure to choose the one that fits your preferences the best.


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