Requirements Of Childhood Vaccinations In Question

If you are a parent, you definitely know how fast childhood illnesses and infections can spread. As a nurse, you have more in depth knowledge about communicable diseases, their mode of transportation, and how fast they can get out of hand. It has come to our attention thanks to the mainstream media that the outbreak of measles has now become a worrisome epidemic. Since the beginning of this year 121 people from 17 different American states have been diagnosed and treated for measles (CDC). The outbreak has been rumored to have started at the Disneyland Theme Park, which is located in Anaheim, California. The majority of cases have been reported in California, which is where the first case was reported. The source of the infection was reported to have been an overseas traveler, who had not been vaccinated against measles.
Now comes to question, whether or not American children should be required to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox, before they can attend public schools. While many anti-vaccine activist are basing their entire theory on “autism and vaccines” government officials are yet to make the decision to change the laws, when it comes to the requirements of the childhood vaccinations. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is the first physician to come out against the vaccines and the first to link them to autism. He has now been banned from practicing medicine in the United Kingdom.
Many overseas countries fail to spend the time and resources on vaccinating their citizens. The first MMR dose should be given between the ages of twelve and fifteen months old. Is it time for congress and the president to amend the requirements for the U.S. Visa? As of now the vaccine requirements are that every foreign immigrant must have a physician’s approved vaccination record, but if for some reason they do not have one, they can speak with a panel physician.

At this time the applicant can verbally explain why they do not have a vaccination record and pinpoint which vaccines they have had. This means they need no factual proof of a vaccination record just word of mouth and the physician will approve the Visa. These are very lenient stipulations that are enforced by our Bureau Of Consular Affairs and United States Department Of State.