Cirrhosis Symptoms

Cirrhosis Symptoms
Cirrhosis is known as a silent disease or silent killer. Many individuals are not aware that they are suffering from any type of liver damage, until it is nearly too late. There are many different signs and symptoms that are associated with cirrhosis.


Early Symptoms


FatigueUnexplained Hematoma (bruising)Decreased appetiteUnexplained weight lossPruritus (itchy skin) 

Late Stage Symptoms


Jaundice (yellowish pigmentation of the skin and sclera)Ascites (excessive fluid buildup in the peritoneal cavity)Encephalopathy (brain disease) with confusion and dementiaSpontaneous bacterial peritonitis (bacterial infection of the peritoneal cavity) 

Recent New Study


Scientists have discovered that liver fat in children can drastically be reduced, just by restricting fructose (natural sugar in fruits and veggies) in the diet.