Tips On Taking Care Of An Elderly Loved One At Home

If you have a loved one that is debilitated or suffering from dementia, you are probably trying to make the difficult choice of whether or not to care for them at home. It can be a very difficult decision to make, but it will be a lot easier, if you are more familiar with the task. There are so many things that a caretaker is responsible for, which can definitely put a damper on your life. Below you will find some very important information, facts, and challenges that you will face, when caring for an elderly parent at home.


Changing Your Lifestyle


The first step of the decision making process will involve taking a deep look into your own, personal life. This change will not only affect you, but everyone around you such as your spouse, children and grandchildren. Becoming a caretaker will require you to commit to a full time responsibility; you may even be forced to move your parent in with you or vice versa. This decision should be discussed with your entire family, before you actually take the final step to become a caretaker.


Family Support System


While not all elderly individuals are totally dependent on their loved ones, they will continue to decline to this point. In the beginning, you may only need to provide them with three healthy meals, assist them with personal care, and transport them back and forth to their primary care physician. This will allow you some free time, but as time goes by that will slowly change. Having a good family support system will make this difficult transition go so much smoother. Hopefully, you will have other family members or friends that will be willing to lend you a hand from time to time. It will be difficult to devote all of your time to your aging parent, but it should be expected, if you do not have someone to help you out.


Respite Care


Most children that are taking care of their elderly parents are fairly aged themselves. This will make it so much more difficult to care for someone. Respite care is a wonderful service that is provided by homecare facilities, volunteer organizations, and day-to-day supportive services. This is only a temporary service, but it works well for those that are looking for a break. There are many reliable respite care service providers in your vicinity, but make sure that you do a lot of research on every one of them, before you select a provider to care for your lovely parent.


Adult Day Care


Another great service that you will find very helpful is adult dare care. These centers are setup by medical professionals, counselors, and highly trained individuals. It is pertinent that you find one that is highly recommended by the community, be sure to check out the reviews left by former and current clients. This will give you an idea of how professionally trained the staff is and other important factors. Some adult day care centers will provide necessary transportation, if not you will be responsible for transport.


Medical Alert System


A medical alert system works great for elderly individuals that are not in need for a full time caregiver. This will allow them to keep their independence, while providing them with a lot of security. There are many different types of alarms that are available and you will need to take your time and review them carefully. Falls are very common in individuals over the age of sixty-five and the risks will only continue to increase over time. These systems offer individuals easy access to emergency assistance including fire, ambulance, and police twenty-four hours a day.

The base receiver offers a very easy installation guide. It plugs in your phone jack and electrical outlet. It has a help button that has to be pushed, in order to alert the call center. There are some devices that do not require a landline, but you must have Internet service, because it requires a wireless connection.

Mobile devices are also available, including bracelets and pendants. They are both equipped with an emergency push button, but the individual must be within a 600 foot range of the base receiver.

These devices are available for an installment fee, which is a onetime deal and a monthly installment fee. You should expect to pay around thirty-five dollars a month, but they are very reliable and will offer your parent and yourself peace of mind.


Home Delivery Meal Service


There are many different government programs that provide meals to elderly individuals that are in financial need. A professional will deliver your parent’s meal to them daily, even on holidays. These services are free, but there are also some companies that provide meals to the elderly for a small monthly fee.




Senior care providers offer services to the public. A personal assistance will help your parent in several different ways. They provide housekeeping, meal planning, and will even do small errands for all seniors. Most of these facilities charge ten to fifteen dollars an hour, which is a reasonable price.




Please note all of these services are only for those seniors that are not ready for a full time caretaker. At some point, you will be forced to make the final decision of whether to put your loved one in a skilled nursing facility or become their full time caretaker. There are also assisted living facilities that are very reliable and will help your parent adjust to aging and becoming dependent on others.