Tips On How To Identify An Addict

identifying an addict
Many family members are facing challenges with drug addiction. For someone that is not familiar with the disease or symptoms of drug addiction may find themselves in an arduous predicament. There are many different ways that you can determine, whether or not a family member is suffering from some type of addiction. Below you will discover a few tips on how to pick them out.

Causes of Addiction
Addiction will normally begin with the teen trying to become a member of a particular group of friends. They will begin to experiment with illegal drug use, to the point, where it becomes a requirement. Over time an individual will become reliant on the drugs in more ways than one. Many environmental factors are linked to drug addiction including family and peer group drug use. Genetics have also been linked to addiction, which basically means that the disease can be passed from the parent to the child.
Drug addicted individuals will begin to isolate themselves or just hang out with drug users. This may not be a sure sign of addiction, but it can be enveloped with other signs to determine the genuine factor related to the isolated behavior.
Decreased Appetite
Many individuals will experience decreased appetite, to the point where weight loss is noted. Opiates cause many side effects including loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. If you start to see a trend of these symptoms, you may potentially suspect drug addiction, as being the culprit.
Anxiety and nervousness may be another sure sign of addiction, but again it is necessary to note several symptoms, in order to get a genuine diagnosis of addiction. Once the opiate begins to wear off, it is very common that the individual will become shaky or experience tremors. This is a sure sign of drug addiction and must be followed up immediately, by seeking drug addiction treatment.
Attention Deficient
It is difficult for a hardcore drug addict to think of anything else, except for their next fix. This can cause attention deficient symptoms, which can become so severe that the user is unable to relax, sit, or communicate with others. If the individual has a history of attention deficit hyperactivity deficiency or ADHD, this may not be uncommon, but the symptoms will worsen over time. School work and after school activities will be very difficult to complete, so grade scores will deteriorate drastically.
Stealing or Borrowing
The user may begin to borrow money from family members and friends, but when money is no longer available to them, they will begin to steal other’s personal items. It is not uncommon for members of the family to complain about misplaced items, which have actually been taken by the user and sold at pawn shops. Never put anything past the user, because the urge to use drugs is more powerful than they can genuinely control.
It is vital that you try not confronting the hardcore addict about their problems. They may become violent and out of control. Remember their actions and verbiage will be linked to the influence of drugs.