Best Stethoscope For Nurses: Where To Buy A Stethoscope

Whether you are a new nursing student or in your last semester and nearing graduation, you will need a reliable stethoscope. This is a medical diagnosing tool that you will be using over and over again. There are many things that you will need to consider, when you are searching for best stethoscope for medical student. Below you will discover a short list of the best stethoscope reviews.

Best Stethoscope For Medical Students

Being a medical student can be very challenging and while many students will remain diligent working toward their goals to become a medical professional, others will drop or fail out of their classes. As a new medical student, you may find yourself on a fixed budget, which means you will need to find an affordable stethoscope that will suit your needs.

best stethoscope for medical students

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3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

The Classic II is a very inexpensive stethoscope that is available innumerable colors and materials (brass, machine stainless steel, smoke finish, black). With these unlimited option you will have the option of customizing your stethoscope to fit your personality.

The chest piece contains a bell for temporary pediatric use and a tunable diaphragm, so you can adjust the frequency level on high or low. The headset is ergonomically designed to fit your head and meet the ear canal path to provide flawless listening. The diaphragm is also equipped with a non-chill rim, so the patient will not feel a cold sensation, when you place it on their body.

You can auscultate respiratory, cardiac, and gastrointestinal sounds with this stethoscope.


  • 3-Year warranty
  • Comes with large soft-sealing and firm ear tips
  • Provides clear and loud frequencies
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable
best stethoscope for doctors

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3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

The Littmann Classic III is another great stethoscope that offers diversity in more ways than one. Not only can you use it to listen to arterial sounds, but you can use it for adults and small children.

The chest piece consists of a tunable diaphragm, which works on both the adult and pediatric side. The diaphragm is also detachable, so you can switch out the tubing, if you find it necessary to replace it.

You can utilize this stethoscope to complete your head-to-toe assessment. The tubing is constructed out of non-latex material that does not contain phthalate and will not stick to your hair or clothing. You will have a limitless array of tubing colors and chest piece finishes to select from.

The diaphragm is equipped with a non-chill rim, so it feels comfortable on the patient’s skin.


  • 5-Year warranty
  • Designed with a tunable diaphragm on both sides of the chest piece
  • Comes with a set of small and large soft sealing ear tips
  • Thick tubing which will improve sound frequencies
  • 15 Grams heavier than the Littmann Classic II


Best Stethoscope For Doctors

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope is one of the best stethoscopes on the market today. Its quality and design is superior, while its expandable versatility will allow you to capture low and high frequencies.

The chest piece is equipped with two tunable diaphragms for pediatric and adults. The dual-lumen tubing work efficiently eliminate sound interferences, which can potentially decrease sound quality.

The headset is ergonomically designed to meet the path of the ear canal and the tension can be adjusted to fit any head size, by squeezing and pulling the ear tubes apart.

The diaphragm provides low-frequency sounds, by apply light touch and high-frequency by applying firm pressure on the skin. The Next-Generation, natural rubber latex tubing will retain its normal shape, even if you leave it folded inside of your pocket all day long.


  • 5-Year warranty
  • Comes with small and large soft-sealing ear tips and one set of large firm ear tips
  • The diaphragm and bell is equipped with a non-chill rim to provide comfort
  • Available with a 22″ and 27″ tubing
  • Available innumerable tubing colors and chest piece material

This is definitely the best stethoscope for nursing student and respiratory therapy, as well.

Where To Buy A Stethoscope

You can purchase stethoscopes at your local pharmacy and retail store, but you will there you will find a limited selection of the basic stethoscope. These are suitable for in-home use, but they are not very reliable or suitable for nursing students.

Best Stethoscope For Nurses

The Prestige Medical Clinical Cardiology stethoscope is another option that you have to select from. This is a very inexpensive brand, but it will offer superior acoustic sensitivity. You may find the Prestige Clinical Cardiology a little limited, if you work in an intensive care or skilled nursing unit, because it may not pick up diminishing and low-intensity cardiac sounds.


The above brands and lines are more suitable for medical professionals. Of course, if you are on a limited budget, you may find the Prestige suitable for a beginner.