800 Pound Man Sets A Weight Loss Record Goal Of 620 Pounds

Rhode Island man, Steven Assanti, who weighs 778 pounds says he is determined to lose a total of 598 pounds. Of course, Assanti has a history of setting goals and not following through with them. His last attempt to lose weight went as a far as a hospital admission and ordering lunch from the local pizzeria.

Weight loss requires a lot of dedication, self-control, and hard work, which makes one question this 33 year olds’ motives. Obesity is linked to a long list of medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and arthritis. If Assanti wants to reach his weight loss goal, he is going to have to make innumerable alterations in his lifestyle.

Steven does not present himself in a positive manner, since he proclaims that he is a “monster” and does not feel human. He does admit one thing, which is obviously true and that is he is addicted to pizza. He was currently a patient at Rhode Island Hospital, but received an early discharge related to his unwillingness to follow his diet.

Assanti has been offered a gift of a lifetime, which involves gastric bypass surgery. You actually may be seeing him on TLC, since the owner’s assistant of Megalomedia has shown some interest in filming him, but this will not be part of the “My 600-lb Life” sequence.

800 Pound Man

In order to receive the gastric bypass surgery, Steven will need to drop a total of 228 pounds, which will be a huge challenge. He is currently being prescribed antibiotics for cellulitis, but he is capable of ambulating the hospital corridors.

He currently resides in his father’s SUV, because he is unable to walk up inclines, especially stairs. Hopefully Steven is serious reaches his weight loss goal, so he can begin working on his second goal, which is becoming an actor.