Breech Of Patient And Doctor Confidentiality

Have you ever dated a medical professional that was employed at your local hospital, the same hospital that you once frequented for a minor illness? If so, did you ever consider the risks of having your personal information violated? While many medical professionals, especially nurses and physicians will often fall in love with their patient, this is a questionable ethic violation.

The American Medical Association clearly states that medical professionals should not make any type of sexual contact with their patients, because this clearly constitutes sexual misconduct (AMA). Many professionals feel that it is safe to have a sexual relationship with a former patient that they have not treated in over 6 months.

With all of this being said, Dr. Clare Nettleton , a 48 year old general practitioner was clearly involved with two of her existent patients. As a professional, Dr. Nettleton note only violated the medical professional code of ethics, but she also took it a little bit further.

One of the men was a family friend, before becoming Nettleton’s patient, while the other was a patient, before becoming her lover. This may sound confusing to most and one may question Dr. Nettleton’s intentions and her mindset at the time.

One of the lovers, just happened to be married, when the couple first met. Dr. Nettleton’s affairs were discovered by no other than her husband, whom kicked her out of the marital home. Now this is not the end of the story, because Nettleton went on to illegally access the medical records of one of the lovers, his wife, and the children, without a valid medical excuse.

Do you feel that Dr. Nettleton should have her professional license revoked or should she have the opportunity to redeem herself, by seeking psychological treatment?