Crest Pro Health HD Reviews

If you are a health conscious individual, you most likely have considered whitening your teeth, but found that laser therapy is too expensive for your budget. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot whiten your teeth, but only that you will need to find a more affordable alternative.

Crest Pro Health Reviews

Crest is a well-known brand that offers innumerable oral hygiene products to individuals around the globe. Crest Pro-Health HD is a 2-step product that is very effective in whitening the teeth within one week of use. It is also capable of reducing gingivitis just by using this product and brushing your teeth regularly.

Step I involves utilizing the purifying cleanser, which will reduce and eventually eradicate plague. The step II process involves utilizing the perfecting gel, which will polish and whiten the teeth.

crest pro health hd review

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Crest Pro Health Ingredients

The active ingredient is stannous fluoride 0.454% (step I) and hydrogen peroxide (step II), which is capable of combating gingivitis and cavities. You must use the product as recommended by the manufacturer in order to receive the best results. Use the purifying cleanser and the perfecting gel for at least 1 minute each. Never use one step without the other, because this can genuinely alter your results for the worst.

Never allow any children under the age of 12 to utilize this product, because it potentially may be harmful if a large quantity is swallowed and ingested. You will receive about 25-30 applications with each Crest Pro HD product.

Other inactive ingredients in Pro Health includes:

  • Hydrated silica
  • Water
  • Sodium hydroxide, sodium gluconate, sodium saccharin, and sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Mica
  • Blue 1 lake
  • Zinc lactate
  • Disodium pyrophosphate
  • Sucralose
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Flavoring
  • Xanthan gum and cellulose gum
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbomer

Do not rinse between the first and second step process. With several days, you will begin to notice that your teeth is gradually becoming brighter and whiter. Your breath will stay fresh throughout the day, even after eating lunch.

Crest Pro Health HD is a 2-step product that will genuinely whiten your teeth within one week after first application. If you take the time to view and read the Crest Pro Health Review left by previous and current customers are virtually happy with their purchase.


  • Very affordable
  • Each box lasts about 25-30 applications
  • Whitens, brightens, combats tooth decay and gingivitis
  • Only requires 2 minutes to complete both steps
  • Safe for children over the age of 12 and up

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