Face Steamer Review: Nanometer Moisturizing Device

Taking care of your skin and keeping it free of germs will improve your overall health. The skin is the biggest and most important defense against infection, which is why it is important to treat it with the utmost care. The first body part that is noted, when meeting someone for the first time is the face. If you want your face to glow and look healthy, you should definitely add a face steamer to your facial cleansing supplies.


Best Facial Steamer

Ion-Care Nanometer just happens to be one of the best facial steamers on today’s market. This steamer is constructed out of food-grade PP materials, which are very safe and durable.

Hot steam has vasodilation capabilities, which will open up the pores, so dirt and debris can be easily washed away. It is also capable of breaking down dead skin cells, so they can washed away, as well. Once you have steamed your facial area, you will immediately begin to see a huge transformation in your appearance.

By removing those dead skin cells, new skin cells will be able to shine through, so your face will be able retain its youthful glow.

best face steamer

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Best Face Steamer

Steam will boost new skin cell growth, which will eliminate those fine line and unappealing wrinkles. The DayShow weight a total of 0.6 kilograms and has a very unique, compact design, so you can store it away without bogging up a lot of cupboard space.

The Ion-Care is equipped with a water reservoir that is removable for easy refill. The on/off switch is located conveniently on the front of the steamer, so you will also have easy access to it.

The non-skid pads will prevent the steamer from sliding around, while in use. requires 220volts – 50Hz of electricity to operate.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Constructed out of chemical-free materials
  • Heats up extremely quickly
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in the hands perfectly

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