Medical Marijuana Dispensary Business Owners

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Oregon City, many medical dispensary business owners are struggling to find suitable, affordable business locations. Oregon Cannabis Business Council director, Donald Morse speaks with journalist, Molly Harbarger from The Oregonian about his financial woes, when it comes to affordable commercial rental property.

When Morse hit a crossroads, when searching for a stable business location. He considered renting a former coffee shop for $3,500 a month, but instantly passed and went for a more suitable location. Just a year later, Morse has found that commercial real estate in Clackamas County is on the rise.

One particular seller was asking $1.2 million dollars for a lease, which Morse immediately found unreasonable. He has come to the conclusion that everyone living in the vicinity is reaching out to make millions from the marijuana market, which may leave the dispensary owner struggling to make ends meet.

It appears that the financial drag is becoming to much for some shops, which have closed due to lack of revenue and added costs of operating a business. He made a statement that may materialize in the coming year that many dispensaries will close and the medical market will recede completely.

It may seem that there are too many medical dispensaries and not enough patients, which would destroy any medical facility, especially if it involves marijuana.