MonoRover Review: Best Balancing Scooter

Are you searching for a scooter that will offer you new adventure opportunities? If so, you should look no further than the MonoRover R2. This self-balancing scooter is extremely safe, so everyone in the family can utilize it to stroll around the block. Below you will discover the MonoRover best scooter review.


Compact Size

Unlike the traditional scooter, which was equipped with a fixed handle, the MonoRover is very compactly designed. This will surely offer easier portability, since you can toss it in your trunk and take off to the park with ease.

Once you have completed your daily riding adventure, you can simply store it in small storage space. The R2 only weighs in at 10 kilograms, which is due to the heavy duty materials and construction.


Balancing Scooter Reviews

The MonoRover is equipped with 2-7″ tires, which are constructed out of heavy duty material, so they will offer a long service life. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of around 7.5 miles/hour.

The 36 volt battery much be charged between 2-3 hours, before it is fully charged. Each charge offers a total distance of 17-20 kilometers, which is suitable for most users.

The maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds, so everyone in your family can hitch a ride on the MonoRover. It is available in white or black, so you can easily personalize your scooter to suit your preferences.

monorover r2 reviews

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Where To buy MonoRover R2

You can purchase the MonoRover R2 right from the Amazon Marketplace. It ships in 3-6 business days and ships right from Los Angeles, California.

You will receive a remote key, which will allow you to lock/unlock and switch lights on/off. You will also receive an electric cable, which can be plugged into any U.S. electrical outlet.


  • Waterproof design, but should not be totally submersed into water, due to built-in rechargeable battery
  • Carrying cases included in purchase price
  • Includes 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes a pair of wireless headphone Bluetooth sunglasses

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