Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Aches

When the necessity of oral care arises, specifically tooth aches, there are a few immediate solutions that can alleviate the pain.  Usually, tooth aches mean something possibly bigger is wrong.  Regular dental visits and frequent brushing are the best defense against them.  Even so, they can pop up. Here’s some easy home remedies which can mitigate all but the most serious issues.

home remedies toothache

Salt Water Gargling

The first solution for many schooled in ‘old-school’ remedies for the mouth and throat, the ever-popular salt water gargle.  Place a tablespoon of salt in a cup of water.  Start gargling with it, thirty seconds per mouthful.  As you do this, swish around the water and allow it to flush between your cheeks and gums.

This is also a great way to knock down a sore throat.  The relief might take a full minute to arrive, but it will be much more preferable than to continue and push through trying be a tough guy or gal.


A perennial plant in the Ginger Family, this is a spice with antiseptic and antibacterial abilities.  It’s a natural anti-inflammatory compound, and a pain reliever.  It also blocks the compound, NF-kB, and blocks pain transmitted by such.  It is notable that Tumeric is a potent spice, and many people familiar with Middle Eastern dishes, should have a large supply of it in their cabinets.


For those of you who are of Mediterranean stock, you should be aware that your grandmother loves you, very much.  If she was reading this with you right now, she’d be emphasizing with you, the need to have garlic in your possession.  While tumeric is fantastic for curries and the dishes from the Middle East, every Mediterranean family would just as much tell you that garlic does the same exact thing.  It’s an amazing pain reliever and has so many medicinal uses,

Wheatgrass Juice

Another natural antibiotic that is readily available from my pharmaceutical stores is Wheatgrass Juice.  It is effective at nixing the toxins in your gums, and helping relieve pain in your mouth.  Also effective against tooth decay and bleeding gums, this is something that should be in every naturalists medicine cabinet.


For antiseptics, it’s hard to beat Cloves or Clove Oil.  Apply it directly to the cavity or affected area for immediate pain relief.  This low-cost solution is another essential for every home due to it’s antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral properties.  Chewing on one or two leaves also assists in stopping any bleeding gums.

In Conclusion

Having access to all of these home remedies is a great way to stave off an immediate trip to a 24-hour dentist.  Properly used, the health benefits are amazing, for you and keeping your expenses low. You may also want to take a look at the Orajel Maximum Strength Toothache Pain Relief Swabs.