5 Best Manuka Honey Brand Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Are you searching for the best manuka honey money can buy? You are in the right place. Manuka honey is a special type and you can only find it in New Zealand. The honey is pollinated by bees on Manuka flowers. This honey is special because of lots of antimicrobial powers it is endowed with.

Because of the healing ability, it is very useful in the medicinal circle. Research indicates some medical and health benefits of this honey which include but not limited to treating a respiratory infection, treating gastritis, as well as treating eczema as well as wounds among other important uses.

You can derive all those health benefits when you use the right honey. Finding the correct one can be challenging. It is known that there are lots of fake brands out there such that the first time and even experienced buyers do not often get what they want. Likely, a few of those brands in stores cannot be trusted to be real.

If you have never bought this before or you are afraid that you may not get what you want, relax and read this information, it contains everything you require to make a good choice. Reviewed for you here is the top five best in the market.


UMF in Manuka Honey What Does it Stand for?

UMF is a great concept or honey rating system for Manuka honey and this can assist you to understand the ingredients or the healing properties of any manuka honey. You can tell the brand uniqueness by checking at the UMF rating.

From that, it would be easy to ascertain the number of leptospira and methylglyoxal MG quantity in the honey. MG compounds are those unique components in this kind of honey that gives it the healing powers. From this, one can determine the healing power of any manuka honey. It also differentiates it from other varieties out there.

First before honey can get such UMF certification it must come from New Zealand. This means that it must be a product of the country. Furthermore, it must satisfy the requirements set for packaging and harvesting by the New Zealanders’ authority.

Here are some of the rating system you should expect and the health implications of such a rating.

  • UMF 0-4 and this means that healing properties are not detectable
  • UMF 5-9, it is manuka honey but it is an inferior grade of it
  • UMF 10-15, it is middle-quality manuka honey, it is better than the previous two grades.
  • UMF 16 plus means that it is a higher quality manuka honey and you are going to derive all the associated health benefits when you use this.

From the rating above, it is pretty easier even for a novice to determine the manuka honey value in the market. Those with 16 and higher values are the best and those within the middle ranks are also good. You must avoid those of the lower value rating.


Top Five Best Manuka Honey

1.Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey, KFactor 16+

You can see from the 16 and above rating in this product that you are taking a high-quality manuka, honey. KFactor 16 and above are the best quality in the market today.

This is produced by the most respected honey-making company in the land which is the Wedderspoon. Apart from the fact that these are the best quality products, they are within range and this means that you can afford them.

This brand comes directly from NZ and from the most reputable hive to home places. It is one hundred percent unpasteurized and raw pure.

There is nothing like contamination of this product. Because it comes with all the natural healing properties and remains the most nutritious in the market.

It’s KFactor 16 and above implies that it is one hundred percent, monofloral honey. This implies that the greatest quantities of honey that are used for the manufacture of this emanate from Leptospermum scoparium which means manuka plant.

At least 75 percent of that component is from Manuka flowers. Because of that, this honey possesses enormous antimicrobial properties.

It is apparent from the reviews about it that the greater majority of the users are happy with the product and that it tastes great.

Important features

  • This honey is unpasteurized and raw
  • Does not have any GMO content
  • Comes from hive to home
  • Its kfactor is 16 and above
  • This is packed in 167oz poly jar free of BPA.


2. Manuka Health – MGO 400+ Manuka Honey

This is another great manuka brand worth mentioning. Its MGO properties are above 400 and it is a product of Manuka health. It has the most wonderful taste in the industry and comes with all the necessary elements you require for radiant health.

Because of the popularity and great nutritional value, it once made it to the popular Good Morning America program. When it comes to quality and potency, this model has edges over other models out there.

It is one hundred pure and originates from New Zealand and the MGO quality is well above 400. This also refers to the power and healing potency. MGO is simply used to work out the quantity as well as the quality of Manuka ingredients that are used to ascertain the manuka honey healing power. The rating also implies that every kg of the honey feature at least 400mg of the compound.

It is real manuka honey and comes from reputable hives to home in the country. Reviews from experts and users of the product confirm that it is the best for skin and face treatments. It is helpful when it comes to the treatment of certain conditions such as wounds, burns, throats, sore as well as cold and acne.

Important features

  • It is one hundred percent NZ honey
  • The honey is delicious and smooth
  • Features 8.8oz bottle
  • Aired on Good Morning America because of the potency.


3. Kiva Certified UMF 20+, Raw Manuka Honey

Kiva is certified and this shows that it is original honey from New Zealand. It has great healing properties. Anytime you decide to use this, you have made a great decision. It features a UMF rating of 20 and above.

Furthermore, it can boast of the MGO capacity of 850 and above. This is great because every kg of this honey can boast of 850 mg of methylglyoxal. It is obvious that when it comes to potency that this product has an edge over others out there.

It comes from the remote and pristine forests as well as coastal areas and hills within the region. Before it was rated, this product was tested. It can be traced to homes across the country. There is nothing to doubt about the credibility of this great product.

This product has the best of reviews and users can attest that the product can be used to treat difficult health conditions ranging from gastric ulcers as well as acid reflux and so on. Perhaps, the greatest use is the ability to rejuvenate the skin and to treat different kinds of skin infections. Moreover, the texture is very smooth and that is why it is simple to apply it.

Important features

  • UMF rating of 20 and above
  • Certified Manuka honey
  • Genuine product from Manuka
  • The size is 8.8oz
  • Independently tested and can be traced to hives and homes across the country


4. Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey

Although this product does not have any UMF rating, it is rated among the best of Manuka honey you can buy. Many people are confused with the name bioactive included. This does not mean it is not a genuine product.

It is one hundred percent genuine and natural. Its rating system is based on the TA which stands for Total Activity. This refers to the peroxide that is available in the honey.

Its TA rating is put at 24 and this is a great rating as far as TA charting system is concerned. If you want to get the best of that honey, then you require 8.75 oz jar of this product. The greatest benefit of this product is the energy that comes with it.

If you are exhausted, you can use this, it can rejuvenate your whole body and restore your energy. Furthermore, it has more medicinal and nutritional values, it contains sufficient quantities of antioxidants inside it.

Moreover, it is used to treat different kinds of wounds and can treat bacteria fevers and other kinds of conditions. It is not surprising that it is the best form of first aid treatment.

Important features

  • It is one hundred percent natural manuka honey
  • It is independently tested and verified and found to be great
  • This is rated TA 24 and above and 80 and above MGO.
  • A pack consists of 8.75 Ounce bottle


5. Comvita UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Raw Manuka Honey

People looking for this kind of product are interested in lots of things and one of the things they are interested in include the cost. This one is affordable and it is still raw honey straight from New Zealand.

The company behind this product has been there for a very long time and they have at least four decades’ experience with this kind of product. They are the clear leaders when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality raw manuka honey.

It is superior quality honey and the UMF rating is more than 15. This means that you can have most of the health conditions addressed when you use the product.

Furthermore, the product was independently tested by the UMF Honey Association and it was certified high quality. It comes with the most wonderful compounds which are known for their special healing powers which include the DHA, MG as well as leptospira. Previous users of this honey rate it very high.

Important features

  • It is UMF 15 and above certified
  • Superior quality manuka honey with MGO capacity of 514
  • The honey has great medical values
  • It is traceable from hive to shelf
  • This is BPA free
  • A bottle contains 250 g or 8.8 ounce


Looking for The Best Manuka Honey : Factors to Consider

Because of the high health and medicinal values, this type of honey is in high demand across the world. Because of that, there are about to be fake products. Here are factors to consider when you are looking for a high-quality manuka, honey. You must know the tricks to ensure that you do not make a mistake.

UMF Certification

One of the key factors to consider when you are looking for this kind of product is the Unique Manuka Factor. This implies the quality of the product. When you are looking for one, you must ensure that it UMF certified and this indicates that it originates from New Zealand. Furthermore, it indicates that the manufacturer is licensed to produce such honey and that the product is healthy.

Check the UMF rating

Furthermore, you have to check the UMF of the product. This confirms that it is certified. Second, it is easier for you to understand the rating as well as the healing potency of the product.

  • The UMF rating starts from 5+ as well as 26+. This is important, it indicates the therapeutic as well as the medicinal capacity of the honey. Furthermore, you must consider the MGO levels of honey and so on. When it has more of UMF rating than the more potency.
  • For instance, if the UMF 5+ to 9+ suggests that the honey is just normal and has a minimal level of MGO. The implication is that it is not potent.
  • When it is UMF 10+ to 14+ it means it means that it has a medium-range power for the therapeutic and medicinal properties.
  • UMF 15+ to 19+ indicates that it has great value and has great medicinal and therapeutic value. This suggests that it can be used to treat different kinds of conditions.
  • When it is UMF 20+ to 26+ it has great biological activity and this has great medicinal effectiveness.

Other Methods of Grading

Furthermore, you have to consider the other grading systems such as the MGO rating. This has to do with the quantity of Methylglyoxal compounds available in the Manuka. There are similarities between UMF and MGO. When there is a high quantity then it is potent and has great medicinal value.


Remember that if you desire this honey for medical purposes, then you must seek for a package with MGO plus 400 or more of that. If you do, it can withstand different kinds of ailments

K-Factor Rating

Another factor you have to consider when you are looking for manuka honey is K-Factor. This factor is necessary, you can now determine the pollen quality in it. Here are key features to consider in KFactor and they include the KFactor 12. When it is this quantity, it means that there are at least 12.

  • When it is 16, it means that the honey can boast of 75 percent of manuka pollen.
  • KFactor 22, on the other hand, means that it contains ninety percent of manuka plant pollen.
  • If there is more pollen content in the honey, it means that it is blessed with more healing abilities.
  • It is also important to state that all the manuka honey are not KFactor rated.


Which benefits are associated with manuka, honey?

There are some benefits associated with it and that is because of the antibacterial features. Furthermore, it features methylglyoxal which is the most active ingredient. This is why it has it has plenty of antimicrobial features. Furthermore, it features antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-viral properties.

Here are More Health Benefits of Manuka Honey :

  • It can facilitate wound healing and this is because of the antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties
  • It can cure sore throat and that is because of the antibacterial and antiviral features
  • If you suffer from any form of stomach problems such as digestion problems, you can deal with such problems by using this honey.
  • In the same way, you can use this honey to treat nausea, bloating as well as stomachaches. All these are possible due to the antibacterial features.
  • Moreover, it is going to help solve upper respiratory infections
  • It treats certain conditions such as acne. This is because of the antibacterial feature; it can deal with anything like acne and other related conditions.
  • The product is good because it can enhance your overall health.

How much of the honey should I take daily?

It depends on your condition or what you are suffering from. If you are taking the medical graded one to boost your immune system then you can take a teaspoon daily preferably in the morning hours.

Remember that this honey is not meant for an infant below one year old and that pregnant mothers should stay out of it.

Where can I buy it

There are lots of places you can buy but you must ensure you buy from a reputable dealer. It is available online as well as local stores near you. Many buyers go to amazon, it is easier to choose from the numerous dealers

Is this honey good for diabetic patients?

It is not recommended for diabetic patients. This is because of the high natural sugars content. This is not good for your system; it affects the system.


Final Words

Manuka honey is the best form of honey ever produced for mankind. This comes from hive to homes in New Zealand. It has lots of nutritional ingredients as well as great medicinal values. To get the best of this honey, you must ensure that you get the best.