Best Watches For Nurses

Watches are a common accessory for most people. It is used to tell time and sometimes for looks. Watches are changed based on our outfits and daily activities. For a nurse, a watch is much more than a fashion accessory.

There are some great watches for nurses that can help them out throughout their workday. The watch can make the life of a nurse easier and will allow them to be able to keep records that are accurate and reliable.

Not all watches will fit the needs of a nurse. There are some specific features that the watch needs to have to be beneficial in the medical field. The watch is one of the most used accessories in this field and is more important than most people think.

Nurses need a good watch to help them in their job. These are the 8 best watches for nurses that we would highly recommend. There are certain features that nurses look for when they are selecting a watch for medical use.


How to Select the Best Watch for a Nurse

There are many watches that a nurse can use for their work. FOB watches became a popular choice years ago while an ordinary wristwatch may work out just fine. There are some features that nurses look for and they want a watch that has as many of these features as possible.


It is important to select a waterproof watch. Nurses are always washing their hands in soap and water. The watch needs to be able to work even if water gets on it. A nurse does not want a watch that will stop working if it happens to get wet.

Taking off the watch before washing the hands can increase the chance of an infection. This can take time and can get annoying with the number of times a nurse washes their hands each day.

Look for a watch that can be exposed to water. Even if the water is waterproof or water-resistant the screen still may fog up. This will make the watch hard to read and it will not be used. The watch will be useless at that point.

Easy to Clean

The watch should be simple to clean. A nurse will come into contact with all different types of fluids during their shift. It is important that the watch can be wiped down or cleaned with an alcohol-based solution. This will help remove contamination from body fluids chemicals. A nurse comes in contact with a lot of liquids during the day and they want a watch that will keep on working.

After being cleaned the watch should continue to work properly. If the fluid leaves a stain on the watch it is not much help to the nurse. No one wants to wear anything that has become stained with fluids.


The watch should be lightweight. If the watch it heavy it will become uncomfortable during their shift. The watch is not there to get in the way. They should be light to wear and should not cause any discomfort. A heavy watch can be painful after wearing it for several hours.


The backlight is useful for a nurse. This is helpful if the patient’s room is dark due to the use of medical equipment. The nurse may also need to check on the patient while they are sleeping. They should not have to bother the patient to see their watch. The backlight can be helpful if they are not able to turn the light on in a patient’s room. This is a feature that is nice to have and will make things easier.

Silent- No Ticking

A silent watch is important for nurses. Many watches make a loud ticking sound. This sound can disturb patients if the room is silent. The ticketing can be annoying after a while and can bother the nurse when they are trying to time measurements. The ticking may even bothersome of the patients that are trying to get their rest.


A watch should use a 24-hour format. This will allow the nurse to be able to track the vital signs of the patient with the second hand. The 24-hour format will be used to record patient information. Digital watches can be okay sometimes but the analog watch makes it easier to track the seconds. A nurse will not have to convert hours into military time. This will help prevent errors from being made.

Recommendations on the Best Watches for Nurses

 1. Shoppewatch Nurse Lapel Pin Watch

This watch has an analog setting that is important. It has a chrome hand on the pink watch. There is also a glow in the dark feature to enter the dark rooms. This will allow the nurse to read things without a problem and they will be able to see the time.

This watch is sturdy and can be pinned right to the scrubs. It can be pinned somewhere that does not get in the way of the work. Many nurses find this pin feature useful. It can be placed out of the way but somewhere that is still easy to access.

  1. Prestige Medical Nurse Lanyard Watch with Military Time

This is a great watch and will glow if the room is dark. There is a leather strap that makes it comfortable. The watch is easy to clean and can be wiped down without a problem. it will not stain.

The watch is in military time and the second hand has 15-second intervals which are very helpful. This watch has tied as the number one watch for a nurse. This watch is so good it cannot be called the second-best.

  1. Casio Women’s LRW200H 7BVCF

This watch has Japanese quartz which makes it very pretty. There is an analog display and it comes in the color white. The watch has a pristine look and will not stain. The design is simple yet pretty.

The watch is lightweight to wear. This is great for a nurse that wants to have a reliable watch yet one that has some style. The watch is above the rest when it comes to looks and design.

While the watch does have a white color it is easy to clean. A person can wash their hands without a problem and the watch is water-resistant. It has a 24-hour setup and will also display the date. This is a great watch for a nurse.

  1. Timex Weekender Watch Slip-Thru Strap

This strap makes the watch interchangeable and there are many options for customization. The watch is water-resistant. This is a great feature for the nurse. It is also easy to take on and off.

The watch can be loud and the ticking sound may bother the nurse. It can be hard even it is not close to the ear. This can bother some of the patients and hte people that the nurse comes in contact with during thier shift.

  1. Nurse Mates Women’s Awareness Ribbon Watch

This watch is a great option. The band is made from rubber and the watch tells time-based on military time. It is resistant to water and there is no sound of ticking. The watch has a simple design and it performs well for the nurse.

This watch can fit the majority of the nurses. The face of the watch also has a cute design. The face of the watch has some style and this is why nurses like it. They want to add a little flair with this watch.

  1. Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch

What nurses like about this watch is that the second hand is easy to see allowing them to take accurate vitals. The nurse can clean the watch without a problem and it is waterproof. The watch uses a 24-hour format to tell the time. it is comfortable to wear and is lightweight.

The color of the watch matches the majority of the scrubs that nurses have to wear. White can go with just about anything and a nurse can match no matter what color her scrubs are.The watch does have a loud ticking sound which has turned some nurses away from it.

  1. Dakota Watch Company Mini Clip Microlight Watch

This watch is liked by nurses because it can clip on. They can hook it somewhere on their scrubs where it will be easy to access yet out of the way. The watch is solid but it will not weigh a nurse down.

This is a very durable watch. It can be used outdoors so it is a good option for the demanding duties of those that work in the medical field. The watch can be worn in a place that is out of the way and allow her to have free hands.

The best thing about this watch for most nurses is that the microlight works in the same manner as a mini flashlight would.

The watch is not the best at being water-resistant. It is something to keep in mind before making a purchase.

  1. Swatch White Bishop White and Gold Dial Plastic Silicone Quart Ladies Watch

This is model GW164. The watch is made from plastic which makes it easy to clean and waterproof. The watch can be washed in soap and water and it is still good to go. The watch is lightweight for easy wear. It is pretty and will go with most of the outfits and scrub colors.

The watch does make a loud ticking sound and this may bother some people.


Reasons Why Nurses Need to Wear a Watch

There are many reasons why a nurse needs to wear a watch on their shift. Nurses need to take the vital signs of their patients. They may need to take their pulse rate and count the number they feel within a minute. They also need to know the rate that a dextrose drops and how fast a medical injection should be put into the IV of the patient.

The analog watch is important for a nurse. They can use this to track vitals and this information is used to track the recovery of the patient and needs to be accurate. This will allow the doctor to know if the patient is going well or if they are not responding to the treatment that is being used.

Recording Time

Nurses need to record the time that a patient was given their medication. Not every room a patient is in will have a clock where they will be able to record the time. Nurses need to record the time down to the exact minute.

There are also times when medical equipment needs to be changed and this information needs to be accurate. The nurse will need to calculate the next time a medication should be given or the next time they will need to come in and check on the patient.

Tracking the time the medication was given will allow the nurse and other medical professionals to see if it is working properly. This is important if the patient is having side effects. The time that the nurse needs to check in on the patient will help determine if the medicine is working. If the records are not accurate it can be dangerous.

Nurses need to make sure everything they are recording is accurate. They cannot write down random information on the charts of their patients. The time needs to be recorded accurately and the times of treatments, tests, and related information are reflected off of the medical records. The correct time will allow doctors and others to help with the treatment of the patient.

This information is part of the diagnoses given to the patient. If the time is not tracked and recorded properly the patient will not get the best treatment.



An effective nurse needs to rely on something as simple as a watch. A watch can make a big difference when it comes to record-keeping and providing patient care. A watch may seem like a little thing but is it a big part of a nurses’ day. Nurses and other medical professionals rely on their watches to help them track patient care.

A nurse needs to have a good watch to use. Selecting the right watch for the job is also very important. Watches are essential for a medical professional to have. It is important to find a watch that offers many benefits to make the job easier. If a nurse has a good watch it can make their day easier and allow them to provide better care to their patients.